OK! So, have you heard of two year old tantrums? Yea, I’m sure all of you have heard. The real question is how long does it last? I thought it lasted for just year two, but now my daughter is 5 and it is still going. It did ease off a little as she got older but it is still bad. She will fall out when she doesn’t get her way and talk back and so forth.

I don’t know about you mamas and papas but I am so done with it. A part of me wants to think well maybe since she is the only child that is part of the behavior, but I need to put a stop to it because I am not ready for another child right now. Do you think that certain youtube videos brings that out of our children? Well, I thought about that too. Yes, It does in my opinion. When our little Emma started watching youtube videos of the bad babies she started acting out. We had to completely stop her from watching youtube videos for a while. When she started watching it again we had to make sure that she knew that she was not allowed to watch bad babies.

It has been a struggle, but as parents we have to do the best we can. We are still trying to make sure that the tantrums stop before she goes into kindergarten. Please send us an email to tconstab19@gmail.com with the headline Tantrums. You can tell us about your experiences or give us some pointers on what works for you and your children. We will read them on our youtube page. Go to videos to check it out.

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